When you register at Praktijk Speelkracht, I invite you for an introductory meeting. This meeting is free and without obligation. I think it is important that you find a therapist who fits you, because I believe this has a big impact on the success of a treatment and the trust you have in it. After registration I will send you an introductory form. You bring the completed form with you to the introductory meeting. After the meeting you get time to think about whether this is the place where you want to be helped. After a few days I will contact you to see if I can help.


If you want to start drama therapy I will write a treatment plan with your goals and a treatment agreement. I ask you to sign these. After signing your treatment plan and treatment agreement, the treatment starts. Treatment programs at Praktijk Speelkracht last, depending on the request for help, from half a year to a whole year. A session lasts 60 to 90 minutes and is often once a week. During your treatment we will evaluate your progress and goals together, adjust where necessary and conclude your program together with a final evaluation.

You can come to Praktijk Speelkracht if you get stuck. This can have different causes. It may be that you get stuck because of radical events, traumatic experiences, but also because you do not understand your feelings or have depressive feelings.
It is my aim to help you further by clarifying internal processes. These internal processes are about how you think, what kind of feeling goes with it and what kind of behavior you express. By making these processes transparent, understanding is created and space is created to develop new, healthy behavior, including your feelings and thoughts.