Dramatherapy in Groningen

Praktijk Speelkracht

Welcome to Praktijk Speelkracht (translated: Practice Power of Play) for dramatherapy in Groningen. My name is Irene de Bel and I would like to tell you more about dramatherapy and my practice.

Praktijk Speelkracht is the place where you can work with personal questions through play and theater techniques. Dramatherapy is a form of therapy in which you can do and experience.

How does it work?

You can attend dramatherapy at Praktijk Speelkracht for independent dramatherapy and in combination with other therapy programs, such as psychotherapy. This is called a combination treatment program. Praktijk Speelkracht arranges dramatherapy for young people and adults. Would you like to know everything you need to know? Click here for youth and here for adults.

Are you curious how dramatherapy can help you? You are welcome at Praktijk Speelkracht where we use play to find your strength. Would you like more information first? Feel free to look further. For example, read the experiences of former clients, take a look on Instagram or get in touch.

Praktijk Speelkracht

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