Applicants aged 18 and over have various reimbursement options:

Combination program of drama therapy and psychotherapy

  • A person seeking help signs up for a combined course of drama therapy and psychotherapy. For this, he or she should always first contact Praktijk Speelkracht. After that, a combination program can be started by the client registering with 1NP. A referral from the general practitioner is needed, after which the entire program will be reimbursed by the health insurance (with the exception of the excess). Depending on the wishes and needs, the treatment is then given by a division between director (head) therapist in the form of psychotherapy and drama therapy.
  • A client applies to one of the collaborating practices for psychotherapy, which are part of the treatment combinations and collaborations of Praktijk Speelkracht. These are: Empower Psychotherapy and MEJA Psychology. The collaborating practice for psychotherapy will then take up the application, include drama therapy in the treatment as a component. A referral from the family doctor is then needed. Depending on the health insurance of the person seeking help, a part of the treatment will be reimbursed. For further information, please contact one of the collaborating psychotherapy practices.

Independent drama therapy

  • If a client is 18 years or older, he, she, they, can also choose to follow independent drama therapy treatment. In that case there is no combination with psychotherapy and the client only follows drama therapy. The rates are 100,- euros per session, an introduction is free. Depending on the health care insurance of the person requesting help, there may be a (partial) reimbursement available for occupational therapy. Drama therapy falls under art therapy and therefore under alternative practicioners. Praktijk Speelkracht is a member of the FVB. This overview shows which supplementary health insurances provide a partial reimbursement for occupational therapists who are affiliated with the FVB. Can a client not get a reimbursement from the supplementary health insurance? Then the person seeking help can always ask his employer, educational institution or the tax authorities to investigate the possibilities for an allowance or refund of incurred health care costs. This may require a referral letter from the family doctor.