Praktijk Speelkracht is an independent practice for dramatherapy in Groningen. I work with various professionals and have a large network. In this way I can help you, even if that is not (only) with Praktijk Speelkracht.

The approach of Praktijk Speelkracht is positive: we work from your strength. In this way we work on empowerment: you develop personal growth and resilience in adversity. It’s about you and we work together in your dramatherapy treatment that works for you.

In the practice there is always a basket full of clean soft comfy socks ready for you. This fits with the hygiene policy and give a feeling of coming home.

When the treatment starts you receive a notebook. In this notebook you work and write during the sessions and with home assignments. After completion of the therapy this notebook is a lasting memory which you can also use, if necessary, to prevent relapse.

Do you want to know more about the practice? Take a look at the experiences of former clients.