Dramatherapy is an experiential form of treatment where you can discover and develop in play through an ‘’as-if’’ situation.

Dramatherapy is experiencing. We get to work actively, by doing and experimenting. You can discover, try and develop. This gives you insight into your own feelings, thoughts and behavior. Dramatherapy is about thinking, feeling and acting. I help you with the investigation of these processes.

In dramatherapy we work with imagination and your real life. We use different theater and acting techniques and you practice with different behavior. In this way you gain insight into your own processes. You learn from your own experiences because you are given te space to play. In dramatherapy at Praktijk Speelkracht your problem solving skills are increased and you grow in your self-insight. I teach you to change negative thoughts and how you can better understand yourself.

Within dramatherapy there are many ways to play with real life situations. We work from an ‘as if’ situation. In the playspace of the practice you can try new things in all safety. In this way you will get the tools for real life situations.

The focus of Praktijk Speelkracht is to gain insight and understanding in who you are and what you do. Sometimes our behavior does not help us, or even works against us. By discovering where feelings, thoughts and behavior come from, we can make room for useful and helpful behavior. Dramatherapy allows you to explore, practice and experience this directly.